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Private Investigator in Brasil - Detectives

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In our site you can know a little about our detective agency and some important information when you need a detective.. .

We have been working in the investigation area for 15 years and now we are a respected company in the detectives' business line and we have offices in the two main Brazilian capitals, Rio de Janeiro City and São Paulo City and we are able to carry out services in the whole Brazilian territory because we have several investigators who travel around different cities.

In course of time investigator Paulo has felt the need to assist a number of customers who could not hire us due to the communication gap created by different languages. We have overcome that problem; today we are able to serve customers of different nationalities, because in our staff there are people who are fluent in English, French, Spanish, and German.

We render service to Brazilians who are at work in the United States and Americans who have commercial or matrimonial relationships in Brazil. In either the commercial or personal scope, if you need a private investigator in Brazil, you can count on our agency.

If you are an entrepreneur who has businesses in Brazil and need to investigate your directors or a competitor, count on our company. If you want to investigate your future business partner in Brazil and find out details about his/her past life, you can quote for this kind of investigative service (background check service or commercial records review service).. See a model of the form elaborated by private investigator Paulo.
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Our company is capable to solve the following cases:

  • Matrimonial affairs;

  • Political and business Investigations;

  • Location Service: missing persons, loved ones, assets, bank accounts, bank statements, phone numbers, addresses, just about anything!

  • Virtual espionage with exclusive software;

  • Extortion, kidnapping and constraint crimes;

  • Secret ambient and telephone bugging;

  • Addresses, telephone numbers and phone bills survey;

  • Claims for indemnity by fraud;

  • Evidence and rebutting evidence to be presented in courts and others;

  • Unfair competition and goods deviation;

Investigator Paulo and his Team work in several areas. They operate from business and corporate investigations such as personal, family and matrimonial affairs, always working with strict professionalism, secrecy and integrity. So, if you need to investigate somebody in Brazil, consult investigator Paulo.

We have references from several companies, where we solved crimes of goods deviations, unfair competition, lawsuit frauds among others.

We have highly qualified collaborators for each work modality. For that we continually invest in the improvement of our investigative resources (vehicles, computer science and espionage equipment, among others).

Know our results.
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With a ready team to give the whole support to the customer, we offered a system for you to accompany the results for Internet.
Some Resources:

  • Filming with hidden micro cameras in several objects such as: Bags, Briefcases, Suitcases, Glasses and others;

  • Telephone and environmental recordings in an imperceptible way;

  • Installing bugging taping in your spouse's car in order to listen to compromising conversations, love affairs and much more;

  • Espionage software Installation in your computer to know how it is used by your employees, wife, children and others.

If you want a high level investigation, consult investigator Paulo.

Get a quote Here.

Know our results. .
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Business Espionage Corporate Investigation Matrimonial Investigation Persons Localization Other Cases Flagrants Videos Contacts

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